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Little Manatee River

Chris’s Plumbing has WITHDRAWN!

Thanks to citizen activism, Chris’s Plumbing has withdrawn their application for a sewage effluent dump on the banks of the Little Manatee River’s wetlands. This is a big victory for all of us who worked to defend the little Manatee River from this toxic pollution! Enjoy your Thanksgiving week, with no public hearing!

Will Hillsborough county allow this?

Will the county allow sewage dumping on the Little Manatee River? Let’s say NO!

UPDATE: Chris’s Plumbing has changed their application to sewage-effluent spraying (instead of sewage-solids spreading). It’s still horrible. In fact parts of the plan are even worse now.
• They doubled the volume of toxic waste to 100,000 gallons per day!
• They reduced the setback around the wetlands to a mere 30 feet.
• Their chlorine “treatment” is ineffective against many disease-causing organisms.
• Their new Special Use zoning permit would last forever, running with the land no matter who owns it.

Victory at Mill Bayou!

We won! We protected the Little Manatee River and her wildlife from a developer who wanted to bulldoze hundreds of native trees just to build 8 houses on a skinny mangrove-lined spit in the middle of the river at Mill Bayou, and let the new McMans…

NEW INFO: Wimauma Sprawl + Mill Bayou

New Hearing Date for Wimauma Sprawl, Part 2: The preliminary zoning hearing for the Wimauma Sprawl Project, Part 2, has been postponed to: Monday, June 14, 6:00 p.m. County Center, 2nd floor, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. See orange parcel on map, plus mor…