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Will Hillsborough county allow this?

Will county allow sewage dumping on the Little Manatee River? Let’s say NO!

Chris’s Plumbing Service is asking Hillsborough County to let them dump human excrement, commercial sludge, and restaurant grease on the banks of the Little Manatee River’s wetlands. 50,000 gallons a day (!!!) — 600 tons a year (!!!) of “biosolids & sludge” on a site that sits on the Little Manatee River system, with wetlands that flow right into the river. Here are 3 things you can do to help block this attempt to pollute this amazingly pristine river, which is designated an Outstanding Florida Water.

Phosphate Pollutes

Phosphate Pollutes

Manasota 88 has a long history of standing up to polluters and protecting Florida’s environment. They’ve posted this billboard off of Interstate 75, at mile marker 182 northbound. They say: There are two sides to every story. Thus far, the public …

Sewer water in the Hillsborough & Alafia rivers?

The last time Tampa Bay Water suggested dumping treated sewer water into the Hillsborough River, the answer from the public, the reviewing agencies, and the City of Tampa was a big, booming NO. Of...