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Mariella Smith speaks for Sierra Club against Urban Sprawl

Citizen victory against urban sprawl

Citizens won a major battle against costly urban sprawl at a public hearing last Tuesday when County Commissioner Pat Kemp led the board to deny two proposed changes to our Comprehensive Plan. The proposals would have paved over rural areas with urban subdivisions, impacted wetlands, undermined community plans, and burdened taxpayers with the transportation costs that come with adding suburban commuters to far-flung rural areas.

Wimauma Sprawl Project, Part 2: Withdrawn

Good news! The developer has withdrawn their proposal to build what we’ve been calling Part 2 of the Wimauma Sprawl Project.This was a prime example of urban sprawl: 1,500 houses in rural Wimauma (in orange on this map) on Bullfrog Creek wetlands …

Messing with the aquifer

First, the farmers pulled so much water out of the ground during the freeze that the aquifer level dropped 60 feet (!), so surrounding wells went dry and sinkholes opened up. Then we poured 800 cubic yards of concrete underground, filling the spac…

FINAL Citizen victory vs. Inland Port developer

Faced with massive community opposition, Inland Port Systems has withdrawn their application for a huge trucking hub near Cockroach Bay — again. But this time it sounds like a FINAL victory for all of us who worked hard to defend our community, ou…