Emails needed for Draft #2 of Ruskin Community Plan Guidelines LDC amendment

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2 Responses

  1. Glenda Keith says:

    What authority will approve deviation from the Ruskin Community Plan specifics? For example, who could approve deviations in square footage of lots, frontage, building height restrictions, etc.?
    Would the community have a vote on these changes? What exactly is the use of a community plan If deviations could be allowed without community approval?

    • Mariella says:

      Hi Glenda!

      Remember that as of now, our Guidelines are not yet in the Land Development Code (LDC), so until we get this LDC amendment adopted, they can be easily disregarded. IF the Guidelines get adopted into the LDC, they will be used to review applications for rezonings in Ruskin.

      IF we get this draft amendment passed, the Guidelines will be followed by anyone who wants the simplest path to approval for a rezoning request. Anyone deviating from the Guidelines would have to demonstrate that they are using the deviation to make a better development, AND they have to prove they are furthering the intent of the whole Ruskin Community Plan. (see the draft for details)

      Who decides if they meet those requirements? And how does the community participate in that process? Good questions!

      The county commission ultimately approves or denies any rezoning at a public hearing, and the public may speak at those hearings, hopefully influencing the commissioners’ final decision. Before the commissioners’ final hearing, the public may also speak at the preliminary zoning hearing, and possibly convince the zoning hearing master as to whether the developer’s proposal furthers the intent of the Ruskin Community Plan or not. Also, during the rezoning review process, before both hearings, citizens may provide comment to the case file to be considered by county planners in their reviews & recommendations to the hearing master and the commissioners. (The procedures for public speaking at those hearings is more than a little convoluted, but that’s another topic!)

      Glenda, thanks for your comments, and MANY thanks to you and your husband for all your years of work on the Ruskin Community Plan, the ELAPP committee, and all your other efforts to make this community a better place for all of us!