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Bob Buckhorn insults Ruskin

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn insults nearby community of Ruskin

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, attempting to discredit the many citizens who disagree with him on the Go Hillsborough sales-tax proposal, pompously belittles them all as “3 tea party bloggers sitting in their underwear in their basements in Ruskin.” Disparaging the community of Ruskin is no way to gain our support.

La Gaceta July 17, 2015

La Gaceta trashes Go Hillsborough sales tax plan

Patrick Manteiga, editor of La Gaceta, wrote a thorough analysis & major trashing of the county’s push to raise our sales tax to pay for some transportation projects — mostly roads & road improvements, with relatively little for mass transit.

Amendment 1 illustration

Hillsborough County now trying to get our share of state conservation funds

In the whole state-wide list of all the conservation land the state is considering for acquisition, throughout Florida’s 67 counties, Hillsborough is one of only 4 counties where the state lists NO proposed conservation projects. County Commissioner Sandra Murman responded to our emails and directed staff to address this.

Mariella speaks to legislators

Let’s ask State Legislators for Hillsborough county’s share of conservation funds

Two weeks ago I reported that Hillsborough is one of only 4 counties where the state has NO land targeted for conservation on Florida Forever’s list. Some of us tried to talk to the DEP land-acquisition committee (ARC) about this, but they didn’t even show up for their public meeting. I think we need to ask our State Legislators for help.