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Mariella speaks to legislators

Let’s ask State Legislators for Hillsborough county’s share of conservation funds

Two weeks ago I reported that Hillsborough is one of only 4 counties where the state has NO land targeted for conservation on Florida Forever’s list. Some of us tried to talk to the DEP land-acquisition committee (ARC) about this, but they didn’t even show up for their public meeting. I think we need to ask our State Legislators for help.

Cockroach Bay Islands

Cockroach Bay workday & workshop

Thanks to all who wrote emails and attended the workshop in November, the Florida DEP has heard our concerns about their 10-year Management Plan for Cockroach Bay Preserve State Park. In response to our concerns they have scheduled 2 events: a Workday and a Workshop.

ARC no show

State conservation council members didn’t show up for their public meeting

Not a single one of the ten members of Florida’s Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC) showed up for their twice-yearly “Regional Public Meeting” this week. Over 70 citizens went to the meeting to speak to the council during this rare chance to discuss State conservation projects with this group. Instead, citizens found themselves speaking into a mike facing a dais of empty seats where the ARC members would have sat — if they had come.

State conservation program excludes Hillsborough County

Now that Florida voters have overwhelmingly passed the Water & Land Conservation Amendment (Amendment 1), which restores the funding for our state to buy and protect environmental land, let’s take a look at the state’s list of proposed conservation projects … wait, what?! In the whole state-wide list of all the conservation land the state is considering for acquisition, throughout Florida’s 67 counties, Hillsborough is one of only 3 counties where the state lists NO proposed conservation projects.