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Mariella speaks to legislators

Let’s ask State Legislators for Hillsborough county’s share of conservation funds

Two weeks ago I reported that Hillsborough is one of only 4 counties where the state has NO land targeted for conservation on Florida Forever’s list. Some of us tried to talk to the DEP land-acquisition committee (ARC) about this, but they didn’t even show up for their public meeting. I think we need to ask our State Legislators for help.

State conservation program excludes Hillsborough County

Now that Florida voters have overwhelmingly passed the Water & Land Conservation Amendment (Amendment 1), which restores the funding for our state to buy and protect environmental land, let’s take a look at the state’s list of proposed conservation projects … wait, what?! In the whole state-wide list of all the conservation land the state is considering for acquisition, throughout Florida’s 67 counties, Hillsborough is one of only 3 counties where the state lists NO proposed conservation projects.