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Final Hearing LDC amendment

Success! Ruskin Community Plan Guidelines Amendment Approved!

Citizen action won the day last Thursday when the County Commission unanimously approved the Ruskin Community Plan Guidelines amendment to the Land Development Code. A good-sized group showed up at the final hearing to demonstrate support of the Ruskin Plan specifically, and ALL Community Plans in general. Speaking in support of the amendment were Sandy Council, President of the Ruskin Community Development Foundation; Kent Bailey, Chair of the Tampa Bay Sierra Club; and me, Mariella Smith.

Speak up for bike lanes — with thanks

We need to tell our County Commissioners (repeatedly) that safe bicycle lanes & trails are important to MANY of us, if we want them to actually build the network of safe cycling infrastructure that is in our plans. We need to tell them we apprecia…

Citizens win on community plans

Citizens won fierce battles this week to protect community plans from developers who don’t want to have to abide by a community’s vision for how they should grow and which types of development should...